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  • Circular Teaching Strategy

    Learn how to employ a circular teaching strategy for more effective, more efficient knowledge and skills acquisition in your classroom.

  • Learn & Teach

    Learn a new skill and gain everything necessary to immediately put it into action for your students.

  • Flexible Use

    Curricula that can be used in a variety of different environments and schedules.

  • Affordable

    Combining the teacher education tools and the curriculum saves you time and money. Learn as you go or set aside time to master and then put it into action later.

  • Great Reviews

    " Jordan is have the BEST time taking your class and I’ve been really impressed with how much he is learning!…Thanks again and I look forward to more classes from you."

  • "Teacher is fun and teaches Spanish in a fun way. We will definitely be signing up with her again."

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    Full 12 class curriculum including lesson plans, music and worksheets
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