Language Acquisition Perfected

  • Student-centered

    Full of activities that get your students using the language

  • Music-filled

    Fun, original songs give your students the opportunity to acquire vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar patterns, and more. Use the natural overlap between music and language to make language acquisition more fun and more effective.

  • On-demand

    All of the lesson plans and materials are kept on the server to be accessible to you from any place at any time. You can download everything to take it with you as a hard copy or leave it here until you need it. The entire curriculum is available to be printed as one big document or you can print each unit's plans and materials as you go. No need to clog up your computer storing everything.

  • Small group work

    Build soft skills such as collaboration, communication, strategic thinking and more by immersing your students in small group work on a regular basis. Not only will they build social and emotional and problem-solving skills, but they will also gain speaking and listening time- the one thing that allows a student to be able to communicate in the target language.

  • Flexibility

    Designed to be flexible to accommodate developmental stages from Kindergarten through 5th grade, dialect differences, and learning styles. The curriculum is a detailed map that allows you to follow it from one step to another or to create your own route.

  • Great Reviews

    "That was a great class! I was late to the game registering (after we confirmed a time via the facebook group a few weeks back), and admittedly I didn't get around to setting any expectations with Eleanor about the class--except that we'd be doing a fun Spanish class on the computer. She's never done an online class like this before, so the whole thing was new to her. She LOVED it though! Afterwards I asked what she thought about it, and her reply was, "It was awesome!" We're excited to do some practicing before next week's class. (And this is jogging my memory, too, from the 4 years of Spanish I took in High School!) Any tips you have for me and/or Eleanor? Thanks so much!"

  • " Jordan is have the BEST time taking your class and I’ve been really impressed with how much he is learning!…Thanks again and I look forward to more classes from you."

  • "Teacher is fun and teaches Spanish in a fun way. We will definitely be signing up with her again."

Course curriculum


12 Units + Review, 10 songs, 11 games, 7 worksheets, 3 sets of puzzles, pair work activities, pictures for introducing vocabulary, and more

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