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  • Happy Child

    When baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! Reduce frustration that naturally occurs when your pre-verbal child cannot communicate his/her needs and wants. Trust me- everyone will be happier!

  • Brain Building

    Teaching your children to sign increases their vocabulary at a much earlier age than non-signing children. This gives them an opportunity to learn so much before they are even school-age. Using music to teach has been shown to increase a child's IQ by up to 10 percentage points!

  • No Screen Time for Baby

    Finally! - a way to learn to sign yourself and then learn to teach your baby to sign without having to expose THEM to screen time. We all know screen time is bad for kids, especially those under 3 years old. Learning to sign from books is really hard and results in most caregivers giving up. These short videos allow you to fit one in during some short independent play so you can then use the song, chant or rhyme face-to-face with your child rather than sitting them in front of a screen.

  • Affordable

    This package both teaches you to sign and teaches you how to teach your child to sign at the same time. Most caregivers' least available resources are time and/or money. This saves you both.

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One small price for learning to sign and learning to teach your child to sign.

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